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I wish to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who took the time to weigh in on our important City Council Election.  City Council guides the direction Arlington will take.  I will take office on Novmeber 17th.  Your support by word of mouth, displaying a sign & through generous financial donations has been critical.  I can not tell you how much I appreciate each of you. I am your voice - do not hesistat to contact me. 

God Bless Arlington & our Country

Raul H. Gonzalez

Arlington City Council District 2

Councilman Elect 




What will I do to continue moving Arlington FORWARD

“Our city is enjoying remarkable progress.  I want to help keep the momentum going for the people of District 2 & all of Arlington’s citizens.”

"Much of South Arlington lies within Mansfield ISD where I have served on the School Board since 2010. “During my service the district has become one of the Best in Texas providing high-quality education while maintaining superb fiscal responsibility for our taxpayers."

I will work to:

Keep Arlington Safe & Secure through 

Strong Support for Our Outstanding Police & Firefighters

Support Healthy Neighborhoods - That Ensure Our Quality of Life

Work to Lower Arlington Property Taxes - Already Among the Lowest in the Region

 Continue Road & Street Improvements to Keep Arlington Moving

"I have developed strong working relationships with residents of District 2 & have sought collaboration between government entities for the benefit of residents. I look forward to serving them in the new role I am seeking as an Arlington City Council member.”

“I believe I offer experience in the ways the city supports public education that ensures a bright & promising future for all our children. My experience on an elected board will allow me to step into my new role quickly after Sheri Capehart’s retirement.”


I moved to Arlington after winning the “Top Carrier Scholarship” from my hometown newspaper, The El Paso Times & choose UTA for my education.  I learned hard work from my parents who grew up in the cities El Segundo Barrio.  They excelled & my Dad was one of the top 100 officials in the U.S. Postal Service when they retired in Waxahachie.  


A UTA contact lead me to my career as the Director of Administration for a Dallas Law Firm.  My wife Kerry & I made Arlington our home raising our 3 now young adult children in District 2.      

Surviving prostate cancer at 44 years old moved up my plans to enter elected service.  After years of coaching, being a band parent & volunteering, I was asked to run for the Mansfield ISD School Board which serves 14,000 Arlington students.  I have proudly served on the MISD Board since 2010. 


Arlington is one of the most diverse cities in the country.  Families from everywhere make their lives in the “American Dream City” just as I did.  It's time for a new path of service.  Allow me to represent you in Arlington District 2.  

I ask for your vote on November 3rd.



Bachelor of Business Administration, UTA 1985



Mansfield ISD Board of Trustees 2010-present

            President MISD Board 2016-2018  *  Texas  Master Trustee 2017

Optimist Club of Arlington * Vote Yes, A Win for Arlington  * UTA 1895 Society * UTA Maverick Club 

Salvation Army Arlington Advisory & Y.E.T. Council 

H.O.P.E. Tutoring Advisory Council

Arlington Alliance for Youth * Arlington Landmark Preservation Commission


Arlington Board of Realtors

Arlington Professional Fire Fighters

Eloisa & Enrico Accenti

Jerry C. Alexander

Nick Anderson

Doug Arnold

Cameron Atkins

Tracy Baggett

Mona Bailey

David Bayless

Rick Barnes

Peter Baron

Robyn Barrere

Debbie & Terry Bertrand

Jim Bass

Jessica Black

Isaiah Blackmon

Heather & Esteban Blanco

Reba & Scott Blevens

Charma & Dan Blumberg

Robert Bracken

Leanna & Charles  Brady

Toni & Richard Breese

Rachael Brenneman

Dee & Jeff Brogden

Matthew Brown

Sandy Russell Buck

Honorable Clint Burgess

Honorable Wendy Burgess

Charles Caldwel

Councilwoman Sheri Capehart

Honorable John Randall Canedy

Tashiba Carter

Honorable Justin & Anna Chapa

Leigh Collins

Honorable David & Tonya Cook

Brian Cotter

Tom Cravens

Kelly Curnutt 

Carol & Bill Daley

Gwen Davis

RW DeDecker

Roger Defrang

Rich DeOtte

Michael C Diaz

Linda & Dan Dipert

Rebecca Dodenhoff

Andy Dodge

Ben Doskocil

Patrick Downs

Harry Dombroski

Don Duke

Robyn Eastman

Stephen Eklund

Dr. Michael A. Evans Sr.

George Fassett, Jr.

Dan Fernandez

John Foster

Honorable Melody & Larry Fowler

Christina Fuentes

Daniel Gallagher

Olga & Josh Garcia

Christy & Roger Garcia

Becky & Mike Gerro

Linda & Val Gibson

Kelli Gilbert-Brosig

Dr. Ronni Goines

Kristi Gonzales

Former State Representative Toby Goodman

Cindy Greene

Former Mayor Richard & Sylvia Greene

Sandra & James Greenwood

Ryan Gruber

Vicki & Doug Hafer

Mark Hanson

Mark Hayes

Mary & Phillip Hollis

Amy & Patrick  Hoffman

Former Councilman  Dixon & Lisa Holman

Leonard Hornsby

Vince Hrabal

Christopher M Huckabee

Nikkie Hunter

Billy Jacobs

Ann & Cliff Jewell

Walid Joulani

Lori Kerley

Derrick Kinney

Gerald Kokenes

Rob Kyle 

Zina & Chuck Lawrence

Scott Layman

Dwayne Lee

James Leggs 

Beth Light

Matthew Loh

Guadalupe Lopez

Susan Luttrell


Arlington Police Association

Young Men for Arlington

Sam Mahrouq

Jim Maibach

Grace & Mike Mannion

Honorable Karen Marcucci

Maritza & Jesse Martinez

Jason Mutterer

Becky & Jerry McCullough

Courtney & Ethan McDaniel

VanDella Menifee

Geoffrey Mitchell

Honorable Terry & Anita Moore

Bruce Morris

Julie Moye

Darilynn & LaMart Murdock

Khiya Murdock

Xeita & Anthony Nagy

Honorable Michelle Newsom

Andy Nguyen

Annette & Warren Norred

Christen & Tim O'Hare

Craig Ownby

Melissa & Scott Parsinen

Jeanne Paull-Turner

Gloria Pena

Adlai Pennington

Ann Molen Peterson

Bonnie & Allan Petsche

April & Chris Pettitt

Morgan Pfursich

Peggy & Ted Pfursich

Tyler Pfursich

Mona & Vince Puente

William Orr, Jr.

Jacque Redmond

Honorable Dr. Aaron Reich

Lisa Richardson

Linda & Greg Richie

Andree Rivas

Debbie Rivas

Tammy Rountree

Debbie & Murl Richardson

Former Councilman Robert Rivera

Jim Ross

Brenda & Jerry Ruiz

Former Councilwoman Judy & Brad Rupay

Barbara Russell

Florence Salazar-Bruner

Kyle Samstag

Juan Sanchez

Tanya & John Sanchez

David Sargent

Kathleen Shank

Carol & Tom Scheer

Cynthia & Curtis Schonhardt

Jim Schwinkendorf

Dorothy & Michael Seykora

Allison Shelby

Shyrlene Shelton

Councilman Robert Shepard

Stoney Short

Yosemite Silva

Carrie Simpson

Sammie & Scott Slocum

Judy & Rodney Smith

Richelle & Cory Smithee

Darrell Sneed

Honorable Scott Snow

Ralph Sobel

Dawn & Ken Stewart

Ronald Sturgeon

Dubya Talafuse

Joe Taylor

Former Councilwoman Roxanne Thalman

Todd Tonore

Denise & Darian Tran

Honorable Desiree "Dez" Thomas

Representative Tony & Bethany Tinderholt

Janice & Patrick Tyler

Honorable Sandi Vathauer

Bonnie & Kenneth Watkins

Sheriff Bill Waybourn

Lynn & Kevin Wilkie

Honorable Courtney Lackey Wilson

Former Councilwoman Lana Wolfe

Lisa & Jimmy Womack

Honorable Jeff Woolridge

Congressman Ron & Susan Wright

Cindy & Jim Vaszauskas

Ruth Vera

Julie Vu

Kenneth Wong

Gina & Timothy Woodlee

Juanita & John Wooten

Liz Wright

Charla Yelle

Representative Bill Zedler


Thank you for reaching out to me!


Raul H. Gonzalez


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